Review // Lush: Catastrophe Fresh Face Mask

I had never tried a face mask from Lush before and previous to this face mask I had only tried one other and it was awful! So it had to better in comparison right? Well yes it was better, in more way than one, but still didn’t meet my criteria for a great face mask…find out why below.

Catastrophe Fresh Face Mask

Made by Lush: Fresh Handmade cosmetics

Since this is part of a series of reviews I am not going to explain the company values or motto, but please by all means go to their website and check them out! They do a lot of good things for our community and our world as well as trying to be sustainable, vegan and are 100% vegetarian.

What lush said:

catastrophe-n-500x500Avoid disasters with the power of blueberries! Fresh blueberries are rich in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation and act as a mild antiseptic. Soothing chamomile, Irish moss and almond oil work with the gentle cleansing action of calamine to save your skin. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse away with warm water. Keep chilled.

What i thought:

Lets get down to the nitty gritty. This face mask at first smell, I thought how am I going to leave this on my face for 10 minutes!? However the smell grew on me and after a few sniffs, I decided I am going to stick it out and lather it onto my face! Lucky for me I am acne filled and therefore this face mask came with a recommendation from the staff at Lush “to help rid you of your acne and clean up the oils”.

Well let me say that putting the face mask on is one of the trickiest things I’ve done! I think I got more in my sink than on my face and because it needs to be kept in the fridge due to the ‘freshness’ of the product it almost gave me a brain freeze when applying to my forehead! So far it was not a pleasant experience.

Next I had to leave it on my face for its properties to sink into the pores of the skin, and dry to create a tightening effect. This is meant to help reduce aging and also to smooth out fine lines as well as dry up the oil. Once you realise that the drying out of the mask is normal and that the tightness will pass when you wash it off, than you can relax and enjoy the camomile and go about whatever it is you do for 10 minutes. But keep in mind as it drys, it flakes, as it flakes and you move, it falls off…work that one out!

Finally washing it off. Well it says to rinse with warm water…so I did. I thought I had done a pretty good job, I couldn’t feel any residue left on my face and proceeded to get dressed and ready to watch a movie at home, when my partner said “Why do you look like a smurf? I thought you washed it off?” Well apparently just plain warm water doesn’t work! I needed to use a cleanser. TWICE! Just to get rid of the blue tinge and the residue that I thought I had washed off.

By the way, I TRIED AND TESTED this product three times in the space of three weeks and each time I still flaked, I still needed to use a cleanser to wash off the residue!

For my ingredient conscientious followers

In the Catastrophe Fresh Face Mask we have the following synthetic ingredients (everything else is natural):

Perfumes are used and to be honest I couldn’t tell you what perfume they used. In all honesty it was not a great smell. But it may be one of those things that is ‘each to their own’.

Methyl Ionone not sure why they bother putting in a link that has no information, but I went and did the research for you anyways! It is basically a synthetic fragrance that is derived from the chemical compounds found in essential oils.

There is only one colour used in this bath bomb;  colour 18050 are synthetics made from what I would assume is a plant based material, Lushopaedia did not mention this. Once I have a confirmation of the materials used I will edit this section.

2015-06-02 21.44.48

Overall it is a great product to rid myself of oil for about 2-3 days. It did reduce the size, redness and appearance of my acne. However I do believe that a face mask is designed to be as they mentioned ‘washed off with warm water’ not cleansed on top of the face mask that has already dried my skin out to just get rid of the residue. Unfortunately this is my lowest ranked review with a 5/10. It is a 5 because it did do half of what it said, but nothing more. By all means if your after a product to smooth your skin and calm your acne, it is good but a product needs to be its sales pitch, its packaging, and an overall review. This one just didn’t quite meet the bench mark.


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