Review // Lush: Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

I am totally excited to tell you all about this bath bomb, it appealed to all my senses, visually, textures, smell and surprisingly sound too! So away we go with:

Dragon’s egg bath bomb

Made by Lush: Fresh Handmade cosmetics

What lush said:

dragons-500x500Bath tub fireworks, fizz, froth, fruity fragrance – what more could you ask for?

What i thought:

2015-06-03 20.29.11In all honesty when I read what Lush had to say about this bath bomb, I was instantly intrigued. I mean seriously it must be good if they cannot even do a detailed description of the bath bomb. Or it could mean it is horrible and they are lost for words? Wrong. This bath bomb was instantly a success!

It started with instant foam created that creamy texture we all love and made the bath smooth and silk to the touch. It then started to release some colour from within the egg and yet somehow magically still glided across the bath slowly and reminded me of the clouds. It just floated and slowly released its colour and foam.

The best part was these gorgeous bits of colour that you can see from its appearance before it falls into the bath. These circles are coloured rice paper and as the bath bomb disintegrates, the rice paper falls away but stays coloured, and you get these circles of colour in the bath.That along with streams of coloured foam, that once away from the bath bomb still stayed intact and separate from the silky foam, made the bath look like sprinkles or confetti with streamers.

After a few minutes I start hearing a pop. Then another and another, and as the sound continued it reminded me of pop rocks, or popping candy! Well this is the “fireworks” Lush described. It was nice to hear more than the usual fizz.

The other nice part, was at the end of my bath I noticed a shimmer and a glow from the bottom of the tub, and sure enough there was golden glitter all over my bath. Thankfully it easily comes off with water!

For my ingredient conscientious followers

In the Dragon Egg Bath Bomb we have the following synthetic ingredients (everything else is natural):

Sodium bicarbonate softens the water and promotes circulation. In combination with citric acid – and hot water, of course – carbon dioxide is created. This appears as fizzing, whizzing bubbles. Bicarbonate of soda is very soothing, used for insect bites, eczema, and minor sunburn. It also calms indigestion and heartburn, and it is used for kidney complaints as well. It is being used to help neutralise acidic gases, which is helping to improve the environment.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate is the product that creates a thick rich foam and it cleanses the hair. Basically it is a product that allows oil and water that don’t normally mix, to become dispersed or separated. It also cleanses the skin and leaves it smooth. It is a surface active agent. Surfactants are partly water-soluble and partly oil-soluble. This allows the two to mix together.

Cocamide DEA is also an active ingredient and is derived from coconut oil. This means it is especially hydrating to the skin, but it also a cleanser. It is rich in fatty acids and is also an alkaline material meaning that it can assist in pH levels.

Lauryl betaine is derived from vegetable oils. It improves quality and stability of foam, so in this bath bomb it helps keep that silky foam on top of the water instead of just dissolving into the bath.

Citral is present in several plants as an oil. It has a strong lemon fragrance and it has antimicrobial properties (meaning it kills microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria that causes sweat to smell).

Golden Glitter is basically glitter made from polyethylene terephthalate. Polyethlene terephthalate is made into thin, translucent film. This film is cut into very tiny particles, which appear as glitter dust. In twilight it made the water shimmer.

Golden Lustre Sparkle is a combination of pigments created to form an irridecent shimmer to products. It’s commonly used for cakes and is completely edible. The pigments contain titanium dioxide, as its brightness and high refractive index helps to keep the lustres bright and sparkly.

Rice Paper is exactly as it sounds, paper made from rice, except you don’t put it in a printer, you can eat it. (Not that Lushopedia had anything written in this section, but the link is there for the purpose anyway!)

Perfumes used in this bath bomb are not listed but since it has a nice citrus smell mixed with jasmine, I assume some of it are synthetic since it is not listed as a natural perfume. In that case Lush uses essential oils made up of approximately 60% natural oils, resins and absolutes. ‘Every natural essential oil is made up of a complex mixture of chemicals. Plants are little chemical factories and produce oils in order to fight disease, attract pollinators and perform many other functions. Some of the chemicals in natural essential oils are formed during processing of the material and did not exist in the plant to start off with.’

Propylene Glycol ‘is a clear, colourless, syrupy liquid, which is odourless and tasteless. It is a synthetic liquid, absorbs moisture and is completely soluble in water. Propylene glycol comes from petrochemical sources.’ What does that mean? Well it means it is derived from ethane, propane, butane and other hydrocarbons extracted from crude oil or Petroleum and natural gas liquids. It is used in almost everything and can hold its form, or could stay in a jelly like consistency if need be. It is in most of Lush’s soaps and hair products and in all their jellies as it does not freeze and can be left in the fridge.

Linalool is a colourless liquid with a soft, sweet odour. It occurs naturally in many essential oils. It can be natural or synthetic. In this case it is a synthetic form of citrus and/or jasmine smells and has been recreated instead of naturally derived.

There are three colours used in this bath bomb;  colour 17200, colour 15510 and colour 45410 are synthetics made from what I would assume is a plant based material, Lushopaedia did not mention this. Once I have a confirmation of the materials used I will edit this section.


Overall it was a beautiful bath bomb, relaxing, calming, nourishing to my skin and it appeased all my senses. The popping candy and fizz sound, the beautiful citrus, jasmine smell, the foam, silky smooth texture, and beautiful mix of colours was just perfect. Not sure why they called it the Dragon Egg, but hey it was still a great bath bomb that lasted well over 10 minutes to fully dissolve. So overall I give it a 9/10. Still waiting for a bath bomb to meet all the criteria!


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