Review // Lush: Percup Massage Bar

Ever wondered if the massage bars made by lush required water like a soap? Or if they needed heat to melt the bar? Well I can answer those questions as well as tell you how amazing my skin felt after one use of this particular massage bar.

Percup Massage Bar

Made by Lush: Fresh Handmade cosmetics

What lush said:

percup-500x500Perk up your skin with this caffeine-fuelled massage bar. Whole coffee beans will help to boost circulation, whilst coconut and jojoba oils hydrate and nourish the skin. The rich coffee aroma is sure to stimulate your senses and leave you bright, alert and smelling amazing.

What i thought:

Lets be honest! Have you tried Frank body scrub? Its a coffee based body scrub and this is the best way to finish off a coffee based indulgent night to revitalise the senses. This is a little soap like product that requires no water. Instead it uses your own body heat to warm up the shea butter and then it is good to use. You just rub it on like you would a moisturiser and then smooth it into your skin. It is a simple little product that produced amazing silky smooth skin!

For my ingredient conscientious followers

In the Percup Massage Bar we have the following synthetic ingredients (everything else is natural):

The only synthetic material in this massage bar is the perfume! How awesome is that? And to be honest it must be the tiniest bit of perfume because to me it smells like coconut and a slight hint of coffee!

IMG_0151Overall for a product that will get at least 10 uses from it, providing you use it to moisturise your own body, it is great value for money! I found it a little heavy on my skin, as I am an oily type, but for my legs which are waxed, exfoliated and of course then in stockings all day, it created a little tingling sensation that was my hint of circulation at work and then nourished my skin for days later. Because it’s name, description, and how well it worked I am finally giving my first 10/10 review! This is because it truly met all the criteria and is a beautiful product that I will continue to use!


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