A professional website and blog to match!

If you’ve been following me since I was listed as “Just Another Unknown Blogger” you’d know that I began the blog because I was in search of who I was, who I am and what I was going to do in life. I am still young, I am still learning, I am still changing but this is permanent. This is real. This is happening!

I have started my own business and began doing photography as a career. I know it takes time to develop clients and to build clients, so I know it may not be overly successful to begin with, but I have hope that my skills and knowledge in photography will serve me in this career path.

Why a photographer?

The answer to that is so easy! Because I have loved it for as long as I can remember! I would have done Photography through VCE if the class hadn’t been cancelled, so I did a unit of it in University instead. I am always wanting photos taken of me, or of others at events and am usually behind the camera documenting every aspect of life.

I believe that as we age we tend to forget the little things in life, and by taking photos we have a way of preserving “that moment in time”. I always look back at my images and will remember that ‘so and so fell over just before that photo’, or even better ‘my best friend spilled a drink on her self just after that photo’. It is those precious memories that make each of our lives unique and exciting!

Will this blog continue?

Yes! I am not going to hide and become distant from my friends, my community and of course all those people who read this blog! I believe that it is super important to be me, and that everything you read here gives you a certain idea of ‘who I am’ and I want you to meet me and feel as if we’ve know each other for ever!

So yes this blog will continue, and I will do my best to continue to have regular posts on Monday 10am AEST. You never know I may post more regular with shoots I’ve done, or photos I’ve taken. But as you’ve noticed, they will be posted to my ‘PORTFOLIO‘ section of the blog to keep it a little bit separate!

What types of photography will you do?

Well I have already booked my first client, however I cannot reveal who this person is, but she is allowing me to document her pregnancy, her baby shower, her (future) new born and even the possibility of the birth and labor. I cannot even begin to describe how INCREDIBLY EXCITED I am to do all of those for one of my closest friends.

I will also do a few events, but due to my beliefs I will not be photographing birthdays or parties for birthdays. But I will do engagements and maybe one day a few weddings.

I am more confident in portraits and in family, couple, children photography. So these will be my main types of photography until I am more confident in babies and pregnancy timelines and maternity photography.

Do you have a studio?

No. At this stage I am a on location photographer. So I can do outdoor shoots at a location that you pick, or if you cannot decide, I am happy to find a suitable location for you. However if you want it indoors, depending on the type of photography you’re after I can come to your home and make it more relaxing and comfortable for everyone involved.

If there is any other questions you’d like to ask email me or head over to the website and fill in the contact form 🙂




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