About: Sora

Sora and his brother.

Sora and his brother.


  • Blue Quaker Parrot. Otherwise known as a Monk Parakeet.
  • Hatched on 12th of November 2014.
  • Bought from Peninsula Bird World on the 19th January 2015 at 9 weeks and 4 days old.


  • Guard Dog – loves to attack new things but never bites.
  • Dopey – he is unbalanced on his feet and falls off things a lot (but that’s like a baby trying to walk!)


  • Good Girl
  • Be a Good Girl
  • You be a good girl
  • Come on
  • Gimme Kiss
  • Good Baby
  • *Kiss noises*
  • What are you doing?
  • Step Up
  • What?
  • Stop it!
  • ATTEMPTING: tickle tickle

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