About: Yoshi

Yoshi at 6 weeks old

Yoshi at 6 weeks old


  • Green Quaker Parrot. Otherwise known as a Monk Parakeet.
  • Hatched on 23 January 2013 in New South Wales
  • Flew on a Qantas plane to Melbourne at 8 weeks old to my owner on the 20th of March 2013


  • Cheeky. I like to tell mum when to “Stop it” and laugh at her all the time.
  • Smart & Intelligent. I learn words and phrases without being taught. I just pick up when I think is interesting to say.
  • Loving. No matter what mum has done (like putting me in a harness) I always forgive.

SOCIAL / WORDS / SOUNDS:2013-12-24 14.39.59

  • Hello
  • Hi Yosh
  • Bye Yosh
  • What ya doing?
  • What?
  • Stop it!
  • Good girl
  • Be good girl
  • Be a good girl Yoshi
  • Good good good good…etc (her way of praising herself)2014-04-29 18.41.39
  • Tickle tickle
  • Tickle tickle woooooooooh!
  • Tic tic tic (like saying tickle but only the first part)
  • Whistles quietly (shhhh!)
  • Bee (Still learning bed time, but she has the Be part right)
  • *Bops up and down and walks around to music* (dancing)
  • Wolf whistle (still quiet)
  • Come on
  • Come out

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