Review // Lush: Twilight Bath Bomb

Here is the second of my Lush reviews and I am super excited to share this one with you! If you haven’t seen my first review head over and read about the Sakura Bath Bomb, because in comparison, this one sent me on a journey to twinkle town.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Made by Lush: Fresh Handmade cosmetics

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DIY // Peacock Cards

peacockIn the next month one of our beloved friends are getting married. Well actually both of our friends are marrying each other. Much to my fascination and love for birds, I was surprised when they explained that the theme for their wedding was indeed PEACOCKS! I always knew the groom to be loved birds, but little did I know that the bride would agree to a bird themed wedding. However it makes sense, because at the end of the day peacocks are a beautiful array of colours and beauty, so why wouldn’t you want a blue and green themed wedding with peacock feathers everywhere?

So in light of this information, and a little bit of a struggle to find a card that I believed suited them as a couple, signified their six year relationship and hinted at a long lasting beautiful marriage…I decided I would indeed make them a card with my gleaming creative fingers.

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Health // Migraine Part Four

This is the fourth and final part of the migraine series! I am so glad that I’ve been able to document and assist some of you to get a better understanding and knowledge of migraines, whether it is your own disease or someone who is a sufferer. This last part is about the natural remedies you can try to beat a long term condition or to immediately assist with the pain.

If you want to know more migraines here are the three previous topics:

  1. What is a migraine?
  2. Triggers & symptoms
  3. Testing, medications & neurologists

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How-to plan a surprise wedding!

When I was planning my wedding, there was no hint of wanting to do a surprise wedding! I wanted a rustic low-key family orientated wedding. I saw on Pinterest the shock of some family members when they realised it was a surprise wedding and BAM! The idea was born! However it wasn’t easy! By deciding to have a surprise wedding there was a big key element, which also made it extremely difficult to plan…KEEPING IT A SECRET!

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Review // LUSH: Sakura Bath Bomb

Quickly and firstly I wanted to say thank you for all my original followers who have been missing out on the reviews I used to do back when I was Just Another Unknown Blogger! Thanks for holding out, and I am now back with a bang! Well actually it’s more like a FIZZ….

Sakura Bath Bomb

Made by Lush: Fresh Handmade cosmetics

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DIY // Thank you Notes

Since our special day has been and gone, it was time to thank all of our unsuspecting guests for their generosity, good natures and for coming along with an open mind. I still cannot believe that everyone was shocked, I honestly thought more people ‘knew’ that it was a wedding, but I guess their suspicions did not really manifest into an actual thought because everyone was genuinely shocked!

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Health // Migraines Part Three

In the past two years I have been a sufferer of exhaustion, bloating, fatigue, eye aches, back pain, head pounding on the left, head pounding on the right, but more commonly I have this all over belting pain that encompasses the entire skull. For me that meant that most doctors could not pin point the source of my migraines. That was a problem because for a year and a half I tested and tried a handful of medications that had other risks associated with taking them, had a number of appointments with the doctors and even had a number of blood tests, neurologist appointment and a MRI scan…all with no cure.

If you have seen in the last two months I have posted an article about ‘what a migraine actually is‘ and another article about ‘identifying symptoms and triggers‘. I suggest if you’re a migraine sufferer or think you may have more than normal headaches, take a look at both of those before proceeding to this weeks posts, as now I’ll discuss what medications, procedures and scans most doctors will use in your path to finding a cure. Continue reading