Peninsula Bird World

When visiting a place like this you always need to be read to see some of the big, the small, the majestic and the kind birds that are available to hold, play and buy!

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Primary School Graduation


For any child the end of primary school leaves many feeling scared, worried, nervous and most of all excited. Friends all go to the same school, or they may find the need to make new friends. At least for this young girl it meant spending the last day in celebration mode and taking photographs as a reminder of her friends, her years and her achievements.

A 90’s Theme


When you think 90’s you think denim, Back to the future, flared jeans, the start of aerobics videos and the end of fluorescent clothing. Well this couple know how to throw a good party for any occasion and this happened to be one where I brought my camera.

Dianne’s 60th Birthday


Life is celebrated in many ways and some people decide that a celebrating marking the number of years they have aged is the way the wish to look back on life. A number of years ago I photographed my first event.

PLEASE NOTE: Birthday’s are an event I will no longer be photographing, however this is a snippet to my photography skills and development.

Barbara Taylor: Group Photo

Nature’s Blue, Green & Brown


When winter begins, the rain falls. Sometimes we sense it is a time to be indoors, but on the other hand we could embrace the environment and seek out its beauty.

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